Mesin X RAy 500mA RFM-525 HF

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Harga Mesin Alat Xray 500mA

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  • Full accessibility around the patient
  • High speed spot film device 
  • Smooth and silent operation for patients convenience
  • Ergonomic control desk
  • Modular
  • User friendly
  • Reliable
  • Digital ready

System Component

  • Control Unit (RG-525HF)
  • HV Trans (RG-525HT)
  • X-Ray Tube (E7239X)
  • Tube Stand
  • Bucky Table (4-Way)
  • Bucky Stand
  • Collimator
  • HV Cable

Jual Alat RAdiology xray harga mesin xray 500Ma


  • Floating-top general radiographic table for Bucky radiography
  • Good images can be acquired by our own oscillation Bucky grid system
  • Electro-magnetic lock with permanent magnet provides easy moving and safe operation
  • Bucky table can easily lift up to 150kg
  • Cassetes from 14" x 17" to 6,5" x 8,5" in size are useable

Bucky Table with 4-way floating table top

  • Four way movable table top for easy and fast and quick patient positioning.
  • The material of the table top is a high-impact melamine plate which is designed for heavy-duty purpose.
  • The smooth movement of large floating table top
  • Electromagnetic locks for precise positioning and patient safety.

jual alat xray harga mesin xray 500ma

jual alat xray harga mesin xray 500ma


Ultra-High Output technology

  • Max. 40KW/50KW output by innovation

Unparalleled Hogh Efficiency

  • Main Line Impedance and Power Consumption are reduced
  • Cutting-edge Converter technology through highly developed electronics complement
  • Highly developed electronics complement the most up-to-sate-converter technology

Easy Installation

jual alat xray harga mesin xray 500ma


  • High capacity and stable output of X-Rays
  • Error check system with fast detection
  • Precise mA and kVp feedback control
  • maximum 500 anatomical parts views for optimal radiography
  • User-friendly operation console and data display

jual alat xray harga mesin xray 500ma

jual alat xray harga mesin xray 500ma

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